Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

How did you spend the new days?

I’ve eaten the rice cake, it was delicious.

Then, I’d like to introduce new customers.

緑の着物は海外の方、他二人は日本人_MG_8515s 他にもたくさんオプション付けてくれた淡い着物チョイスが素敵_MG_8501s ポーズの座る位置の意味を伝えたら入れ替わって二枚も付けてくれた姉妹_MG_8495s

Their plan was not Special plan, but we have many optional pictures, so they added many pictures in Japanese room, Japanese tea room and garden.

Also look at their kimono!

They chose light color, it makes a nice situation in our Japanese garden.

If you have a time, please visit to our shop!

Have a nice day!

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