So beautiful maiko and cool samrai were coming!

Hello, everyone. I’d like to introduce two people in these days. First is maiko, she wears nice blue kimono._MG_0026sのコピー

This kimono is very popular at our shop,

so she was lucky when she choose a kimono, it was there.

You see that dark blue kimono is so elegant in the studio.

Also back side is so beautiful.


She choose yellow Obi, contrast is very well.

Most people choose favorite color or popular color.

She loves blue, I was glad she wore this.

Next is samurai, he looks like real samurai, he is good at posing with sword.



They choose optional together photo in the Japanese garden.

Green is very good for kimono, I’d like to ask you to come our shop.


We’re looking forward to see you someday.

Thank you for your reading!

See you again∼



maiko Transformation studio shiki.




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