Flow of the Maiko Experience

Shiki makeup provides beauty with a difference

Using the ancient and traditional techniques of applying Maiko makeup by meticulously painting a silky white base to the face and neck, applying red lipstick to the lips and delicate and careful brush strokes to the eyes, we provide each of our customers with a distinguished beauty. *All our cosmetics and facial cleansers are free from fragrances and additives.

Shiki wigs provide workmanship with a difference

*A “Zen-katsura” (full head wig) is included in all the plans.
A Zen-katsura looks sufficiently natural, but the “Han-katsura,” a half wig for which the customer’s bangs are styled and only the rear half of the head is covered with a wig can provide an even more natural appearance. A Han-katsura is an additional 2,100 yen (for customers with blond hair, we will spray your bangs with a black hair dye which will not damage your hair and can easily be washed out). Although neither the Zen-katsura nor the Han-katsura will damage or mess up your hair, customers can wash their hair in the sink before leaving and use the towel, hair dryer and brush that is provided.

Shiki’s kimonos and fitting technique provide beauty with a difference

Customers can freely choose from a selection of over 100 kimonos. The price is the same regardless of the kimono selected. A skilled kimono fitter will make you look just like a real Maiko. *We can fit kimonos on people up to 180 cm in height and a waist size of up to 110 cm. * Customer under 135 cm in height will be fitted as a Child Maiko.

Shiki’s photographs provide refinement with a difference

Our 6 cameramen always conduct the photo shoots with a sense of professionalism and hospitality to ensure customer satisfaction. Even if it’s your first time, we are sure you will be able to relax and enjoy the photo shoot and feel just like a model.