About White Radish Ceremony and This Year’s Calligraphy at Kiyomizu Temple

Hello, everyone!
How are you today?
Kyoto is very cold in this season…

Today, I would like to introduce our customer!
She did our planA, she is very beautiful.

IMG_2120s IMG_2124s IMG_2137s
Also she loves the background of our studio, Fushimi Inari shrine.
I would like to see her again someday!

Second, I would like to introduce events in Kyoto.
Please enjoy these event below!

Dec. 7 & 8
Daikon White Radish Ceremony at Senbon Shaka-do Temple


c Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

This event is held to celebrate the day on which Buddha reached enlightenment; Eating radish (daikon) is believed to dispel misfortune; The Seido-kai memorial service is held on Dec. 8, from 10:00.

Admission free; Boiled white radish offerings are available between 10:00 and 16:00 on both days for 1,000 yen; Access: Kyoto City Bus #50, get off at Kamishichiken; Tel: 075-461-5973; www.daihoonji.com
Dec. 12
Announcement of This Year’s Chinese Character at Kiyomizu Temple


c Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

Every year, the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation collects applications according to a ”Kanji-that express the year,” which symbolizes the social trend of the year from a nationwide perspective, and announces the character with the highest polled number at Kiyomizu Temple; The chief priest then writes the character of the year on a large sheet of paper on the stage in front of the huge crowd, purifying this year’s sins so as to welcome an auspicious new year.

Entry: 400 yen; From 14:00; Access: Kyoto City Bus #206, get off at Kiyomizu-michi; Tel: 075-551-1234; www.kiyomizudera.or.jp

If you have a time, please visit to our shop!

Have a nice day,
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