Offering the special opportunity for a tea ceremony in Shorenin Temple!!!

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Offering the special opportunity for a tea ceremony in Shorenin Temple
The emperor Gosakuramachi had been used Shoren-in as a temporary palace after the imperial palace was burnt by the big fire in 1788. Kobuntei was a historical study room of Gosakuramachi during that time. From Meiji period, it has been used as a tea room, but was lost due to arson in 1993. Warm and kindness support, which were provided by the people around, made it possible to reconstruct the tea room in 1995. And its completion was celebrated by a commencement party. The building was restored in the original architectural form of the Edo period, using same type of the wood material. It is a perfect reconstruction. Kobuntei consists of three tearooms, a Buddhist altar room, and a water room. Kobuntei is open to public twice a year in the spring and autum.


Tea room and tea ceremony
This is the inside of the tea room. A gorgeous picture printed on the sliding door was drawn by the Uemura Atsuyuki who was a Japanese famous artist. During the special open period, a tea ceremony is also held on the tea room. Teachers or staffs in the temple are teaching a formal tea ceremony. Experience or preparation are not required! Please feel free to join.


The garden from the tea room
Shoren-in garden is Chisenkaiyushikiteien ( a type of Japanese garden with a pond in the center.) Pond is locates close to Kobuntei. Please enjoy the view of the garden from Kobuntei. It is a special opportunity which is available during the period of opening to public.


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Period Autumn: November 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, and November 20th – 30th, 2017
VenueShorenin Temple
Nanzenji Temple & Ginkakuji Temple

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