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Beni Shidare Concert at Heian Jingu Shrine
PeriodApril 5 to 8
VenueHeian Jingu Shrine


Spring concert at night where you can enjoy listening to music while watching cherry blossoms

Heian Jingu Shrine is famous for the weeping cherry trees of the Shin’en Garden. A refined concert is held at Heian Jingu Shrine every spring. This event is called “Beni Shidare Concert”, and during this event you can enjoy the cherry blossoms of Heian Jingu Shrine while listening to beautiful music. Even though it is a concert, you don’t need to sit down but can walk around the Shin’en Garden and look at the beautiful cherry blossoms with the music on the background ? a luxurious chance to see cherry blossoms while listening to live music. This is an extraordinary chance to enjoy cherry blossoms so the event is popular and many people come here every year. From March to April there are many cherry blossom events and hanami ? cherry blossom viewing ? parties around Kyoto, but how about taking part in something special like this?


After going through the entrance of the garden you are surrounded by pink profusely blooming weeping cherry trees. There are approximately 300 cherry trees planted in Heian Jingu Shrine’s Shin’en Garden and when they are in full bloom even the sky gets pink. Since the cherry trees are weeping, if you go under one and look up you can feel like being embraced by the cherry tree.


The two main events are illuminated cherry trees and this concert in the east garden. What sets this fairytale-like cherry blossom event apart from others is that there are concerts by many artists during the four days of the event. The way the cherry blossoms clearly reflect on the pond of Higashi Shin’en is also fairytale-like. The concert is held twice every day, and as there are no seats the tickets are valid for both concerts.


Not only are the cherry trees of the Shin’en gardens illuminated, but so is the shrine of Heian Jingu. The vermillion-lacquered main-building of the shrine looks fantastic illuminated at night. After enjoying the cherry tree gardens, how about looking around the shrine with its solemn atmosphere?

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